Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dig A Pony

Robert Bunter: This song is a personal favorite of mine. As I said before, on the last couple Beatles albums John experimented with an astonishing variety of new musical directions that he never really followed up on in his solo career. "Dig A Pony" is one of these - it sounds like a hard-rocking soul band playing natural wooden electric guitars and singing into old-fashioned microphones on a floating dock moored atop a placidly drifting river during a warm golden summer sunset in a beer commercial. I know I'm repeating myself here, but I would have been perfectly content if the Beatles had made three or four more LP's exploring this musical in depth. I'll tell you one thing: I would have purchased each one of them on the day of release, and I would still cherish them today.

Richard Furnstein: I hate when the word "sensual" is used to describe music, that word always evokes standing halogen dimmer lamps and boring Portishead records. However, this song is a true sensual festival. Lennon is in full on creeper mode here, using the word penetrate, singing like a lady, and advocating doing "roadhogs" (fat biker chicks?). It's Lennon's weird party and primarily sex people were invited. Avoid the dip. George steps up and delivers a pant tightening solo. Ringo is all even thrusting and cymbal (symbolic?) climaxes. Paul just does what Paul always does, sings the high and creamy parts and undresses you with the doe eyes.

Robert Bunter: Then there's the lyrics: some classic Lennon non-sequiturs and absurdisms, the likes of which we haven't heard since "And Your Bird Can Sing" or "I Am The Walrus." This is a guy who could write some wonderful psychedelic animal songs. Why couldn't we have had some more? As much as I love the Beatles, I think the strongest emotion I feel about their output is regret that there wasn't more of it.

Richard Furnstein: Just listen to John and Paul let out those little effeminate howls before George's solo! I can't get enough of that one millisecond of human history.

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  1. This is the sexiest song ever! And maybe the best!