Thursday, March 24, 2011


Editor's note: Richard Furnstein and Robert Bunter are spending March 24th as they do every year, remembering and bemoaning the 1980 Beatles release Rarities. The controversial collection, intended to collect significant mono and stereo mixes, was a pre-Anthology disappointment to many Beatles enthusiasts. During their yearly March 24th retreat, Furnstein and Bunter will play the album and then debut and discuss their own rarities mixes. The two Beatles enthusiasts will then vote on which mix would have been a more suitable substitution for the hated Rarities compilation. Furnstein's 2011 mix allegedly focuses on rare session run-offs and improvisations on high quality bootleg mixes. Limited focus is paid to studio chatter, instead guitar noodling and bass runs highlight the collection. Bunter has compiled the finest jokes from radio session interviews, particularly jokes where John uses a funny voice.

In their place, Let Me Tell You About The Beatles has commissioned Miles Hall to report on his favorite Beatles song, George Harrison's slice of social commentary "Piggies." Miles is a young Beatles fan and friend. He currently resides in the Philadelphia area with his father, mother, and brother. At the time of his submission, Master Hall was unaware of the connection of the Manson Family Tate-LaBianca murders and this side two filler from The Beatles.

Miles Hall: My favorite part is when they play the piano. It's so musical. It's funny when the pigs play the dirt. It's so's about piggies and they make funny noises.

I like "Moonshadow" and "Blackbird" the same amount. But I like "Piggies" more. "Rocky Raccoon" is better than 'Blackbird' but worse than "Piggies."

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