Friday, February 18, 2011


Richard Furnstein: Imagine the balls: "The world needs a birthday song, gents." Are you kidding me, Paul? They already have an international birthday song called "Happy Birthday" and it is a massive hit and people sing it all the time. The cool thing about Paul is that he didn't care about these formalities, he just wanted to show off for his new girlfriend Linda Eastman and honor her special day. They even let Yoko get in on backing vocals, because it's a "party party" kind of party and of course you are invited. The special guest is Ringo's drums which kick the shit out of everything. A perfect recording and song and if you dislike it then I don't know what to tell you but we can't be friends.

Robert Bunter: In sixth or seventh grade, me and some buddies tried out for the talent show with this song and failed the audition. One problem was, we had no drum or bass ("the rhythm's in the guitars!"). Another was, we couldn't sing or play very well. The tambourine player was particularly inept.

Richard Furnstein: Paul and John sound great on this one. Paul is in frantic Billy Joel mode, while John lays back. I'm not sure who is playing the tambo, but they should win a Congressional Medal of Honor. It's a bummer when baseball games play Cracker's awful "Happy Birthday To Me" instead of this all time song hit.

Robert Bunter: You know, you're right about that. Hell, it would be great if "Dig A Pony" was the national anthem and Tell Me Why was played over the credits to every movie. This is the real world we're trying to live in, not Beatles Fantasyland. It's important to accept that.

Richard Furnstein: Don't patronize me.

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