Monday, February 14, 2011

Ob La Di, Ob La Da

Richard Furnstein: Gather 'round, everyone. Paul's going to tell us another one of his stories. Don't get too excited, it's another story based on a few non distinct common people (they have names, though!) going through their typical lives. Paul takes this one past the yawning slice of life "Another Day," mainly by involving cross dressers that perform in their small, island-rhythm-tinged village.

Robert Bunter: I think the main thing about this song is the infectious mood of uninhibited happiness. Leave it to Paul to brighten up the darker hues of the white (?) album with an upbeat celebration of life, love and song. "Life goes on" is a message we can all get behind, and tropical syncopation is a rhythm we can all dance to. Yet, Paul leaves so much unsaid here. Did you know that Desmond and Molly Jones live in a third-world shantytown? When they're not "La la la"-ing at the local seedy nightclub with red tassled curtains (a notorious clip joint with underage table dancers), he's pushing his dilapidated barrow through the filthy marketplace, selling past-their-prime root vegetables and salt cod to the reeking masses.

Richard Furnstein: I could care less about this story, but I love this track. There's a beautiful simplicity and clarity to the parts. Paul lays it all down with a choppy piano and groovy little bass line (neat trick, they doubled up the bass part with a peaking acoustic guitar). John is screaming on the chorus (he probably wants this twee mess over as soon as possible). Ringo is the most perfect bastard ever, just here to do his job. Boom Thwak Boom Pssh Thwak Doo Doo Da Doo Doo Doo Thunk. Keep it on the single version of the White Album; hell, it may make the EP version.

Robert Bunter: Listen to that creepy fake laughter at the end! The Beatles loved adding creepy fake laughter at the end (see Within You Without You), but this time we're segueing into the nightmarish, malevolent dirge of "Wild Honey Pie" instead of the sprightly clarinets of "When I'm 64."

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