Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Richard Furnstein: "Wait" features one of the finer blended John and Paul vocals. George has a blast with the volume knob, serving the song perfectly. The real star of the show is Ringo, who delivers one of the most insistent beats on Rubber Soul, some fun bell hits on the verse breakdowns, and a pile of excitable maracas and tambourines. It's not the finest drumming moments on a Beatles song, but "Wait" has some of the most important drums on one of their records. It's a limp fish without this beautiful nosed man.

Robert Bunter: I don't know what to say about this. Vintage perfect Lennon/McCartney from Rubber Soul. What do you want from me? I'm out of superlatives. They hadn't gone fully deep into the cosmic zones of Revolver yet, and could still offer unapologetic love lyrics like this one, adorning strong melodies and great performances. If the Beatles had stayed in this zone for the rest of their career, I wouldn't complain. Sure, we wouldn't get "Old Brown Shoe" (which is very, very nice), but think of
the benefits.

Richard Furnstein: Well, it's a tricky situation. The best case scenario is "Wait" and much of Rubber Soul. On the dark side, you get a bunch of songs like "Tell Me What You See." Sure, it's nice to build the catalog with songs like that, but nobody is getting a Hollywood loaf from TMWYS.


  1. LOVE THIS TUNE! Great stereo moment when the chords do a quick call and response after the line "Wait!". Gem stuff!

  2. Meh
    Everyone seems to rave over this. It's a good song but lyrically it's a let down and too much like the early Beatles lyrics that I've heard enough of. Bring on She said she said!!