Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'll Be Back

Richard Furnstein: C'mon, John. Learn your lesson already. There's a difference between wanting someone in your life and needing them in your life. Just let it go this time, this girl's already broken your heart. Then you peeped at her through her bedroom window, cried and moaned, and wrote this song thirty other times. However, I do appreciate that you broke out your old Everly Brothers records for this one. Oh, and you brought along a beautiful bridge as well? Come right in, Mr. Lennon, all is forgiven. Tell me about this indecisive woman who broke your heart that is also your soulmate that you need to be whole. I'm all ears.

Robert Bunter: When I hear this song, I start to think about how cleverly it wavers between major and minor tonalities, heightening the emotional drama of the lyric. Then I think about the beautiful arrangement: gentle guitars, soft drums and the sweet vocal harmonies of two guys I like to call John Winston Lennon and James Paul McCartney. Next, I start to perspire and my left side starts to feel numb. After that, I think back to my childhood. Finally, I am spent. I slump backward into my chair and try to recover my composure before someone comes into the room and finds me gazing blankly at the fine print on the back of the Hard Day's Night sleeve with twitchy eyelids and a heart full of longing.

Richard Furnstein: More on that bridge: it rules and you need to listen to the waltz version on the Anthology. John and Paul quickly realize that the 3/4 version doesn't jive with the bridge. John abandons ship with some grumbly English gibberish. Then BAM POW the perfect editing leads you straight to a killer four on the floor early version with prominent George 12-string flourishes. Hooray, the Beatles! You did it again!

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