Sunday, January 23, 2011

All Together Now

Robert Bunter: Possibly the saddest McCartney track ever. Paul sees the writing on the wall and makes a desperate plea for unity. He'll revisit similar territory on "Two of Us" and "You Never Give Me Your Money," but none of it will work. They were doomed.

Richard Furnstein: Beatles historian Mark Lewisohn noted that Ringo was particularly keen to commit this diarrhea drip to tape, in the hopes that it would be a worse song than “What Goes On.” He was successful.

They were doomed.

Robert Bunter: You've never been more wrong in your life, Richard.

Richard Furnstein: It's not my fault you like to eat garbage.


  1. I'll stand by this tune and What Goes On. I'm a huge "Fruity Paul" fan, I like grown men singin creepy bubble gummy stuff (Giorgio Moroder's early stuff is perfect example) I'd rather play with Legos than get bummed on pot, but that's just me.

  2. It's just not what you want from the band who produced Fixing a hole and I am the walrus is it?