Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Fool On The Hill

Robert Bunter: Pure McCartney enchantment. How about that crazy tape loop sound effect at 2:40? It sounds like a flock of birds taking off, but the birds are made of psychedelic electricity.

Richard Furnstein: My "Fool" story: Bunny Bryant (senior year English teacher) used to throw in little extra credit questions at the end of her weekly oral quizzes. A lot of times the questions were pop culture related (I'm with it, kids!), so I think one week she wanted to test the Beatlemaniacal kid who was seen lugging around "The Love You Make" (Peter Brown's accountant-focused telling of the Beatles saga). So her bonus question was "Which Beatles song was written about their experience with the Maharishi?" I've got this one tied up: "SEXY SADIE." John's original draft of the song featured "Maharishi" in place of the title words. Bam-Pow-Boom, extra credit points are mine. No way that Shannon Groft knows that. Stephanie Carlstrom? Please, she just listens to that double disc Billy Joel hits collection, and I doubt she's into the minor hits on disc two. This one extra credit question could change the entire course of my academic career.

Robert Bunter: Great story, that must have been a real triumph for you.

Richard Furnstein: Wait, THERE'S MORE. So, she reads back the quiz answers so we can grade our own tests (what a lazy move for a teacher). Bunny gets to the extra credit question and reveals the "answer" as "THE FOOL ON THE HILL." I raise my hand to tell her about the "Sexy Sadie" title switch and Paul wrote it about himself when he was on holiday and the fact that the Beats didn't even meet Maharishi Mahesh Yogi until 1967 so her answer is impossible and she is embarrassing us all and where are my extra points for being a super fan...

Bunny denies me the points. I even bring in Brown's book the next day to show her the passage about Lennon responding to his disillusionment to the Maharishi. Still, no points. I can't handle "Fool" to this day.

Robert Bunter: Completely unacceptable. I would have sued the school...Also, nice use of bass harmonica left over from the Pet Sounds sessions. Brian Wilson loaned it to McCartney after Paul did his guest spot on "Vega-Tables" from the abandoned "Smile" album. Paul said, "Hey, Brian, can I borrow this thing?" and Brian said, "Sure, keep it." (I just made that up in my fantasy.)


  1. I thought it sounded like a weird horse neighing effect at 02.40

  2. this is the Beatle's tune that "COOL MOMS" know about. Killer flutin