Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Girl

Robert Bunter: Paul takes his rockabilly influences and melds them with his own innate gifts to craft this early masterpiece. What's remarkable about this song is how weak it sounds compared to the rest of the Help! album. You could make a strong argument that this is the worst song on the whole record, which is kind of like saying joy is the least delightful form of happiness.

Richard Furnstein: George is particularly inventive with his incredibly awkward spazz leads on this one. The bridge is nothing more than an obligation; Paul doesn't seem particularly keen on throwing it in the song and it fails to present the joker card of many early Beatles bridges. Maybe cowbell would have helped? Also, Ringo's cymbal work gives me a damned headache.

Robert Bunter: Let's look at the lyrics for a minute. Paul is spending a lot of time addressing one girl, telling her about how much better some other girl is. "I don't wanna say that I've been unhappy with you / But as from today well I've seen somebody that's new" - aside from being grammatically incomprehensible, Paul forces the listener (me, Robert Bunter) to wonder - why is he taking such great pains to explain all this to the first, inferior girl? Why doesn't he just break up with girl number one in favor of the other, who "through thick and thin...will always be my friend?" We are left to wonder, and to weep at the beauty of this immortal track from the second-worst album the Beatles ever released.

Richard Furnstein: Paul plays a gigantess blonde as a bass guitar in the movie clip; it's as if this song just exists for that fetish exploration. Somebody should have probably told George that the song was over. NEXT!

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  1. i love when he plays that chick! These dudes REALLY knew how to party. In theory couldn't one attach a series of strings to say... a nip ring and then rings on one hand and become a human babe guitar? I think Paul just invented Burning Man, what a fuckin genius