Monday, January 24, 2011

The Word

Robert Bunter: Man, we've really been talking about stinkers lately.

Richard Furnstein: I know, I feel bad. (Reaches into hat). Uh-oh, looks like our luck has changed. I just picked one of my favorites: "The Word." John finds out about love and can't way to lay it on his friends. Paul's like "been there already dude" (Jane Asher), but still contributes the greatest bass line possible.

Robert Bunter: This is one of the first times John explores the messianic impulses that will later cause him to spout embarrassing garbage like "If you want to be a hero then just follow me" and "Can you hear me?/niaaaaaaaaaar." I can in all honesty say that if I took acid and got turned on to the fact that love is the transcendent mystical universe force of all creation, I would respond by writing a bad 12-bar boogie with lyrics like "Everywhere I got I hear it said/In the good and the bad books that I have read."
Richard Furnstein: Liner notes claim that George or Paul or somebody played the screeching organ, which was probably fun for that person. Top ten Beatles track!*

*Don't hold me to that.

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  1. Sassy track!I always forget to pay attention to the first half of the song because im too preoccupied waiting for Paul to do that sweet-ass bassLICK in the one verse. I bet when he "threw that in" he looked at Ringo and Ringo raised his cigarette and nodded.