Friday, January 28, 2011

Don't Bother Me

Richard Furnstein: The story is that George was sick in bed and decided to try writing a song. The result is a statement of intent for a million grumpy George songs. Usually he's moaning about stupid people who are unable to embrace their inner peace and wisdom; here he is just upset because his girlfriend is out of town.

Robert Bunter: The inimitable gawky younger brother persona of George Harrison was never more apparent than here. However, just like his betters (John and Paul) George was already using startling, out-of-the-ordinary chord progressions and song structures. Not too bad! A quintessential distillation of the elusive "Mersey Sound." You can just see the dark overcoats and black-and-white photography and tins of beans with English "crisps."

Richard Furnstein: The other Beatles all contribute percussion and clicks and clacks to George's song, perhaps in an attempt to shadow any awkwardness in his delivery. It's like when Michael Wagener famously dumped banging percussion overdubs all over the crummy basic takes for Mötley Crüe's debut album Too Fast For Love.

Robert Bunter: George would not write a comparable song until 1974's "Far East Man." I must admit, I'm supposed to be listening to "Don't Bother Me" over and over while I write this, but I just put on "Far East Man" instead. When can I talk about this one?

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