Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You're Going To Lose That Girl

Robert Bunter: Can you imagine how threatening this song was to the adolescent boys who heard it in 1965? Picture it: a pimply lad with an already-out-of-date moptop (Fabs were flirting with shoulder-length by now) stares at the Help! album sleeve and sees the four grown men who
are already the sole romantic focus of every girl he knows. Maybe he's just finally now made a tentative connection with a young Mormon girl with pretty eyes who smiled at him during lunch at the telemarketing place ... and now he's got to listen to these wealthy globe-trotting sex symbols' mocking voices droozling out of his inferior hi-fi speakers: "I'll make a point of taking her away from you!" How is that supposed to make me feel? Why don't you just stick with your wife, John, and leave Christine Walker alone? I wish I'd never bought this album.

Richard Furnstein: Really good call and response on this one. John is up front declaring his intention of stealing every girl in the world and George and Paul are all like "watch what you do." Yeah.

Robert Bunter: Afterthought - nice bongos throughout; even better when they're faded up in the mix during the guitar solo.

Richard Furnstein: I think Ringo is just banging them harder. Bare hands on leather, man. Oh, and this song has perhaps the most perfect ending of any Beatles song. Also, the stereo mix is absolute crud, John's choppy guitar is way too present and the drums are five miles away.

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  1. Some guys have all the luck, some guys take all the blame, some guys do all the work, some guys do nothing but complain. I'm paraphrasing of course, but this song really drives home the point that the Beatles got laid and I didn't.