Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Robert Bunter: This is a true Abbey Road highlight. Not the album Abbey Road, THE STUDIO. The Fab Four just don't do anything better than this: soul-crushingly projound Lennon lyrics, classic John-Paul-George vocal blend (and is that a hapless Ringo humming low in the mix at 1:18? Ask Lewishon!), analog synthesizer droplets of squirmy tonal processing and a chord progression taken from Yoko's conceptual backwards recital of the Moonlight Sonata.

Richard Furnstein: The acapella version has become increasingly in vogue (Anthology, the Love remix album, Elliot Smith in that Wes Anderson movie about sleeping with your sister), but the O.G. mix is still tops. John polishes off his gentle heavy riffery from "I Want You" and "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" while the Moog kicks up some star stuff in the studio. The neatest thing possible.

Robert Bunter: This is the song that I hope will be played at the party after my funeral (funeral playlist is already taken by endless loop of mono "Day In The Life," of course! "I read the news today, oh boy / about a lucky man who made the grade" ... not a dry eye in the house.)

Richard Furnstein: I can't wait!

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