Friday, January 21, 2011

Mother Nature's Son

Robert Bunter: Perfect horn section, perfect melody. The White Album doesn't get better than this!

Richard Furnstein: Imagine: it's a windy day in Rishkanonakish, India. Paul is sitting in the lotus with a battered Martin acoustic. Mike Love is re-energizing his chi on a rock or something. Nag champa blossoms carry the sweet sound...

Robert Bunter: Uh huh. Please keep going.

Richard Furnstein: ...I assume he was sitting by a mountain stream. He sings what he feels.

Robert Bunter: Is that Ringo playing a chair?

Richard Furnstein: Probably, they were doing lots of weird shit at this point (heroin). It's better than "Child of Nature," I'm sure John did a lot of crying to Arthur Janov about that.

Robert Bunter: The mono mix is a revelation! You can actually SEE the swinging daisies sing their lazy song beneath the sun. Hearts around the world rejoice when those first amazing acoustic guitar notes dispel the sour mood everyone is in after Lennon's turgid "Yer Blues" stinks up side three.

Richard Furnstein: Spoiler alert!

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