Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Only Love

Richard Furnstein: John drops off his soppy laundry at that studio. The kind of song that he would give Paul a pink belly over, but I guess Lennon gets a pass. This one pretty much coasts on the vocal, melody, and beautiful arrangement, but really very little else here.

Robert Bunter: It's no wonder he felt this way, trapped in a loveless marriage with the hapless Cynthia. His soul was just waiting for an abrasive conceptual artist to come along and awaken his wandering spirit. Thank you, John, for this immortal melody.

Richard Furnstein: He rolls his r's on this one like a Latin lover. Beats do World Music! Also the use of "it's so hard" probably got some guffaws from Mal Evans. Top track. Shoulda made the red/blue comps that your aunt had. It probably did.

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  1. I always hated the lyrics to this and still do but i've never thought about it in terms of Johns marriage before. They make sense more in that context. Hell of a waste of a good tune.