Thursday, January 27, 2011

Glass Onion

Robert Bunter: This one is really scary. It's hard not to be unnerved by Lennon's unabashed contempt for his fans, and, by psychological extension, HIMSELF. When people hate things (like the greatest music in the world
which they wrote and recorded with their old friends from Liverpool, or the millions of listeners the world over whose lives and hearts were touched by their immortal message of PEACE, LOVE, and
COMMUNICATION), they are really hating their own reflection in the psychic mirror (of the mind) (their own).

Richard Furnstein: Again with the "psychic mirror." John reminds us of things that he told us about a few months earlier. I guess "dovetail joint" was on some rare b-side that I don't have. What, so Lady Madonna came out before White Album? I guess so. His vocals peak and crack, he's really selling this song about gibarooshgabloogook.

Robert Bunter: In my opinion, this track works better as one element of the disorienting mashup on the "LOVE" version, along with Penny Lane's piccolo trumpet and Paul's vocal from Hello Goodbye. Is there any nightmarish Lennon bile song that would not be improved by Paul's ameliorating balm of melodicism and commerciality?

Wait a minute, my iTunes playlist just switched to an extremely different mix from the "More Sweet Apples" bootleg! Oh god, this is so much better. Rocks harder, with more unnecessary phasing and echo on the organ. Why was this not chosen for the final tracklist?

Richard Furnstein: George Martin classes up the joint with a mystery movie lurch in the outro. Everybody wins the "I guess this is good enough" award on this one. Undoubtedly left off of the single album version of The White Album.

Robert Bunter: Hmmmm ... YouTube comments just informed me that this is an "out-fake"- the intro and phasing were not actually the Beatles at all. Furnstein, please delete my previous comments from this post.

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