Wednesday, January 19, 2011

That Means A Lot

Richard Furnstein: Anthology filler, a supposed pant-wetter that any Beatles fan worth their salt already had on Unsurpassed Masters Volume 3. Help! outtake, and just think about the shit they put on the actual album.

Robert Bunter: Phil Spector, meet Paul McCartney! This could easily be considered the finest Beatles song. Why the group did not release it during their original lifespan is one of the mysteries that could keep a man up at night.

Richard Furnstein: Canyon-sized echo was deployed by Sir George Martin, at considerable expense to EMI Parlophone Swan Capitol records. The fifth Beatle (ambience) almost prevents this from being a total sonic abortion. Wait a sec: "Love can be suicide"!?! I take it all back. This rules.

Robert Bunter: Told ya. The "can't you seeeeeeeeeeeeeee, yeah!" fade is the stuff Beatlemaniacal dreams are made of!

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