Monday, January 24, 2011

If You've Got Trouble

Robert Bunter: OK, here's one. By the time this song came around, it had become customary for John and Paul to bestow a second-rate filler tune on hapless sticksman Richard Starkey. With the low bar that had already been set by "I Wanna Be Your Man," what is there to lose?

Richard Furnstein: I'll tell you what: quality. Self-respect.

Robert Bunter: This is a track that every half-wit "20 Greatest Hits"-on-cassette semi-fan feels justified in putting down. Well, guess what? This is a true classic. Reason number one: killer drum intro. Should I continue? OK: what about "You think I'm soft in the head / Well try someone softer instead, pretty thing?" This is the kind of vintage Lennon mind game wordplay that makes people drive over to Strawberry Fields in NYC and weep for opportunities lost. Number three: "Ah, rock on, anybody" followed by classic Harrison Gretch fumbling.

Richard Furnstein: It's like a theme for a really shitty 1960s spy movie that I never want to see!

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  1. another sassy beatles tune! im into it. I like to pretend Ringo plays the solo. Rock on, anybody is brilliant. This is one of theleast "cute" songs they tossed at him. I blame Ringo's "cute" numbers for bands who think it's funny to have the drummer RAP in a song. Thanks,guys